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Sather GateAt UC Berkeley, our teaching provides a foundation and launching point for some of the most extraordinary students to be found anywhere. Our groundbreaking research continually expands the boundaries of human knowledge and possibility. For 150 years, we’ve served the state of California, the nation, and the world as an engine of social mobility and economic value. And we do all this at a scale equaled by few and at a level of excellence surpassed by none.

The information on this site is a distillation of the tens of thousands of stories playing out every day in Berkeley’s teaching, research, and public service. We use it to track our aspirations, improve our operations, and find new ways to change the world. This is Our Berkeley.

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Affordability & Undergrad Cost of Attendance

Affordability and Undergrad Cost of Attendance icon (a student with dollar signs)

The Affordability & Undergrad Cost of Attendance dashboard displays trend data on the Berkeley undergraduate student budget. There is also a peer comparison of the cumulative student debt at graduation.

Class Size

Class Size icon (a class with students and an instructor)

The Class Size dashboard shows data about UC Berkeley's class sizes from several different perspectives. It displays data for the past three years, within a variety of categories.

Degree Recipients by Major

Degree Recipients icon (a degree)

The Degree Recipients by Major dashboard displays information on the number of degree recipients by major, degree level, division, entry status, residency, ethnicity, gender, STEM status, and minor program.

Disaggregated Graduation Rates

Disaggregated Graduation Rate icon (diploma and cap)

The Disaggregated Graduation Rates dashboard shows data for undergrads in the last 10 entering Fall cohorts, broken out by various demographic categories, including race/ethnicity, gender identity, parental education, and EOP eligibility.

First Destination Survey

First Destination Survey icon (graduating students)

The Career Center's Where Do Cal Grads Go? dashboard shows post-graduation plans and career-related activities for the three most recent cohorts of graduating seniors.

GPA by Major

GPA by Major icon (report card)

The GPA by Major dashboard displays aggregated grade point averages (GPA) for degree recipients in UC Berkeley undergraduate major programs.

Grades by Course

Grades by Course icon (graded paper)

The Grades by Course dashboard shows the letter grade average, median, and distribution for a selected course and term. This allows students to provide context for their grades within the overall set of grades awarded for those courses.

Graduation & Retention

Graduation Rate and Retention icon (graduation cap with circular arrows)

The Graduation & Retention Rates dashboard shows data for undergraduates who’ve entered Berkeley over the last 10 years. It displays this data by several demographic and academic groupings.

Historical Enrollment

Historical Enrollment icon (flipping calendar)

The Historical Enrollment dashboard shows UC Berkeley's enrolled student counts since the university's first class entered in 1869.  It displays this data by student level, gender, and when available, ethnicity and tuition/fee payer status.

Of Every 100 Undergrads

Of Every 100 Students icon (a group of people)

The Of Every 100 Undergraduates dashboard provides a quick overview of UC Berkeley's undergraduate population.

Pell Grant Recipients

Pell Grant Recipients icon

The Pell Grant Recipients dashboard displays count and trend data about UC Berkeley’s undergraduate Pell Grant recipients and provides a comparison to peer institutions.

Sponsored Project Awards

Research icon (a beaker)

The Sponsored Project Awards dashboard presents 5 years of data on UC Berkeley's research awards, shown by activity type, sponsor, and recipient unit. It also includes a comparison of R&D data with our peer institutions.

Staff Headcount

Staff Headcount icon (an org chart)

The Staff Headcount dashboard shows information about UC Berkeley's non-academic staff, on a headcount basis, for each of the last 10 fall terms. 

Student Enrollment

Students icon (three students)

The Student Enrollment dashboard displays data about UC Berkeley's enrolled undergraduate and graduate students by ethnicity, gender, residency, and academic division, as spring, fall, and year-average headcounts.

Student Experience

Student Experience

The Student Experience dashboard displays highlights from the UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) results.

Student Majors

Student Majors icon (classroom)

The Student Majors dashboard displays information on the count of registered students in each academic major program by student level, academic division, entry status, residency, ethnicity, gender, and STEM status of the major.

Teaching Activity

Student Credit Hours icon (instructor in front of students)

The Teaching Activity dashboard shows the student credit hours earned over the last 10 years.  It displays this data by course level, instructor type, and academic division.

Undergrad Admissions

Admissions letter icon

The Undergraduate Admissions dashboard presents 10 years of data on UC Berkeley's undergraduate applicants, admits, and statements of intent to register, as well as distributions for academic indicators.

Undergrad Major Migration

Major Migration icon (a Sankey chart)

The Undergraduate Major Migration dashboard shows entering undergraduate cohorts by intended major, declared major(s), and major(s) of the undergraduate degree awarded, if there was one.

Undergrad Multiple Majors

Multiple Majors icon (a matrix of dots)

The Undergraduate Multiple Majors dashboard displays information about the combinations of major programs that undergraduates pursue.

Undergrad STEM

Undergrad STEM icon (science, tech, engineering, and math representations)

The Undergraduate STEM Students dashboard displays data about students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields at UC Berkeley.

Undergrads by Home Location

Undergrads by US State icon (a US map)

The Undergrads by Home Location dashboard shows maps of California resident and out-of-state domestic undergrads by their county and state at time of application, for the most recent 10 years.

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