Campus Surveys

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Keegan Houser

Welcome to OPA Survey Support and Management.  Our goal is to work across campus to improve the survey environment. An improved survey environment will ease survey fatigue, improve data quality and promote shared knowledge. We work with partners across campus to reduce the number of surveys and when a survey must be conducted, promote the use of best practices. Please read our policy, learn about best practices, as well as become familiar with data that is already available for decision support.

Why Survey Management? Easy access to survey software as well as a desire to make data-informed  decisions have led to a proliferation of surveys and an increased need for coordination and governance of survey activity. To preserve the usefulness of the survey as a tool in providing insights, it is paramount that some measure of coordination and oversight take place.  As staff, students and faculty have increased their reliance on surveys, the number of survey invitations each person on campus receives has increased and response rates have seen a corresponding and alarming decline. Further, there is often duplication of effort as similar questions are routinely asked of the same population.  

OPA is eager to continue and expand our ability to enable our stakeholders to make the best possible strategic and data-informed decisions. We hope you join us and your colleagues in creating and maintaining a healthy survey environment.  

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