Office of Planning and Analysis

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Welcome to the Office of Planning & Analysis

At the Office of Planning & Analysis (OPA), our purpose is to create decision support that helps Berkeley better fulfill its teaching, research and public service mission and champion our campus goal of promoting access and excellence. We care deeply about the success of our students and strive to conduct the type of actionable research that improves the student experience while remaining good stewards of our resources.

Planning & Analysis Highlights

Rankings Reference Sheet Updated

December 22, 2017

OPA's rankings reference sheet is now complete for 2017, with Kiplinger most recently naming Berkeley the 5th Best Value among public universities in the US. The sheet allows a quick comparison of UC Berkeley's results among major US and international rankings, with an overview of the indicators in play and the parameters used to define which institutions are included in each ranking. Several publishers provide separate rankings of disciplines or campus reputation, some of which are noted on this sheet.

2015-16 Pell Grant Comparison Briefing Note Now Available

December 4, 2017

The number of Pell Grant recipients at UC Berkeley declined 2% to 8,933 between 2014-15 and 2015-16 according to data published by the Office of Postsecondary Research. While the eight Ivy League universities ranged from a 4% decline to a 7% increase, as a whole, the group remained unchanged at 10,257. As a percentage of total undergraduate population, however, UC Berkeley's 32% is well above that of the combined Ivy League at 17%. Berkeley's percentage remains lowest among the UC campuses which range from 36% at UC San Diego to 62% at UC Merced.