Campus Data

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Tom Holdford

The Office of Planning and Analysis collaborates with campus partners to maintain key campus statistics:

Our Berkeley Data Digest: A public-facing, comprehensive website featuring data and narratives on the major dimensions of our university, including admissions, student demographics and outcomes, instruction, faculty and staff, finance, research, alumni, development, and facilities.

UC Berkeley Quick Facts: A set of small tables providing our most recent basic academic statistics (admissions, enrollment, degrees, retention, and graduation rates), including links to more detailed information.

Common Data Set: Information about admissions, student enrollment, tuition and fees, financial aid, degrees awarded, and graduation rates, used by college guides and ranking publications, such as The College Board, Peterson's, and U.S. News and World Report.

Cal Answers (external link) (CalNet ID Required): An interactive data warehouse reporting tool containing numerous student, faculty, and curriculum data elements, with access both to dashboards and ad-hoc queries.

Berkeley Undergraduate Profile: Data on the UC Berkeley undergraduate population, though the "Of Every 100 Undergraduates" dashboard in the Our Berkeley data digest.

Berkeley Graduate Profile (external link) (Graduate Division Link): Graduate Division data on graduate program rankings, enrollment, student funding, and career outcomes.

You may also find useful data at the following external sites: