Office of Planning and Analysis

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Tom Holdford

Welcome to the Office of Planning & Analysis

At the Office of Planning & Analysis (OPA), our purpose is to create decision support that helps Berkeley better fulfill its teaching, research and public service mission and champion our campus goal of promoting access and excellence. We care deeply about the success of our students and strive to conduct the type of actionable research that improves the student experience while remaining good stewards of our resources.

Planning & Analysis Highlights

2018 UC Undergraduate Experience Survey Recently Launched

April 3, 2018

Help us get the word out to UC Berkeley undergraduates about the system-wide UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES), which launched on April 3rd. UCUES is administered once every two years and provides data that supports multiple analytic needs on the Berkeley campus. This includes leveraging UCUES in the assessment of campus climate, the Academic Program Review process, and various undergraduate-focused campus initiatives. UCUES is also increasingly being used as an opportunity to assess the housing and food (in)security of our students--with historical UCUES results used to help inform the decision to open the UC Berkeley Food Pantry.

Please encourage the UC Berkeley undergraduates in your life to complete UCUES today! The survey can be accessed via CalNet Authentication at

New "Our Berkeley" Dashboards Released

March 5, 2018

The Our Berkeley data digest is an easy-to-use, comprehensive site for public-facing UC Berkeley data.  As of March 5, 2018, the Our Berkeley site now contains 15 interactive dashboards, showing campus data ranging from undergraduate admissions to graduation rates.  For a quick, visual overview of Berkeley's undergraduate population, check out the "Of Every 100 Students" dashboard!