Class Schedule & Instructional Record

The Office of Planning and Analysis no longer manages the Class Schedule and Instructional Record System as we have moved to the new Student Information System (SIS), which is the new system of record for all data concerning teaching activity and space utilization. This data influences resource allocation decisions at all levels. 

Specifically, SIS data is used:

  • by the Budget and Interdepartmental Relations Committee when it conducts FTE allocations;
  • to distribute resources for Temporary Academic Support and faculty authorizations;
  • to report instructional workload to the Office of the President and California Legislature;
  • for annual space Utilization reports affecting capital project funding;
  • to determine whether a department is meeting its goals as outlined in individual departmental teaching policies (e.g., number of classes taught per ladder faculty);
  • to keep track of average class size and types of courses taught by individual faculty;
  • for Ad Hoc Reporting.