About Us

OPA – Making Campus Decisions Better

What We Do

At OPA, our purpose is to create decision support that helps Berkeley better fulfill its teaching, research and public service mission and live up to our campus goal of promoting access and excellence.

What We Value

With a changing funding environment, it has become more important for our office to identify the core values that define how we contribute to the campus community. These are the five core values that we live by:

  • Creativity: insightful analysis presented through good design
  • Integrity: ensuring transparent, honest, and trustworthy work products
  • Collaboration: achieving goals by working with Campus partners and external colleagues
  • Excellence: producing best practices, adding value to and seeking continued growth for our community
  • Stewardship: building a culture of evidence through good data

What We Hope to Accomplish

Looking ahead, our long-term stretch goal is to transform OPA from a standard institutional research office to one of the most trusted, innovative, and influential advisory groups on the campus.

What That Might Look Like

At Berkeley, home of the Free Speech Movement, we know information is power and OPA is transforming data into decision support and empowering others to do the same. We are committed to building a culture of evidence through efforts to centralize data in the enterprise data warehouse and working with campus constituents to create responsive and insightful reports on a wide range of complex issues and challenges. We know what you are thinking; data is boring and math is no fun. At OPA, we challenge those assumptions and are creating an institutional data movement that is infectious, even exciting.

OPA provides analytical guidance to advance dialog and decision making on the most critical issues facing our executive leadership. We are trusted colleagues, not cynical critics. And we believe Berkeley will continue to succeed and can become an even better place for our students, faculty and staff.

OPA crafts analytical products that are often works of art that capture the interest, attention and imagination of campus leaders. We’re not alone; we are training other data deputies to do the same, because there is strength in numbers and Berkeley will be leading with the power of information.

Still unsure? Don’t worry, OPA is here to help. We are known for the collaborative ways we engage with our colleagues, for our diverse knowledge of the Campus community, and for the quality of the quantitative and qualitative analyses we provide. Our metrics for success aren’t measured by the number of reports produced or queries answered. Instead, we measure success on the expansion of analytical strength across the campus, the accomplishments and understanding derived from the information we provide, the increasing complexity of the questions asked and our collective ability to answer them.

At OPA, we help make campus decisions better!.