UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES)

2006 Survey Results


UCUES 2006 was administered to the population of all undergraduate students enrolled at all nine UC undergraduate campuses in spring 2006. At Berkeley, this population consisted of 22,430 students, of which 10,717 (47.8%) responded. Limited enrollment/2nd degree students and students under 18 years of age were excluded from the population.

Students were randomly assigned to complete one of five modules in addition to the core UCUES items.

Note: Some items in the core were presented to selected subgroups. LD indicates only lower division students, UD indicates only upper division students only, AEUDindicates only upper division students assigned to Academic Engagement module.

5370  (50.1%)  Lower division

5347  (49.9%)  Upper division

Notes: Counts are in bold, and precede items they are counting. Missing values are not included in the counts. Percents for multiple selection items are based on the total number of active cases.

Number of cases: 10,717

Response rate for core, excluding AEUD (overall UCUES response rate): 47.8%

Margin of error for core, excluding AEUD (overall UCUES margin of error): ±0.7%

The 2006 survey has 3 parts:

Part 1: Time use, academic and personal development, academic engagement, overall satisfaction, and evaluation of the major

Part 2: Background Information

Part 3: A randomly assigned module emphasizing academic experience, civic engagement, personal development, evaluation of services, or use of technology

View a PDF version of the 2006 survey results.