2005 SONS Transfers: Results and Summary: Part 2

Summer Program for New Transfers

The Transfer, Re-entry, and Student Parent Center, in conjunction with other campus student service units, is considering the design of a four to six-week summer program for transfer students before they start their first semester at Cal. The goal of the program would be to "jump start" their academics and facilitate the successful transition to student life at a major research university. Because you have already experienced your first semester here, you have the very best perspective for helping us formulate this program. Please answer the following six questions to your best ability.

7. Would you have attended such a program the summer before officially starting at Cal?

497  (43.0%)   Yes
322  (27.9%)   No
337  (29.2%)   Not sure

8. If you were not already living in the area, would you have come early to secure housing and attend the program?

594  (51.7%)   Yes
251  (21.8%)   No
305  (26.5%)   Not sure

9. If you live locally, could you have taken the time to attend?

635  (58.5%)   Yes
171  (15.7%)   No
280  (25.8%)   Not sure

10. Which of the following areas would be helpful to you in a summer program? Please check all that apply.

599  (51.2%)   Reading strategies and class schedule management
520  (44.4%)   Academic and research writing enrichment
729  (62.3%)   Upper division coursework
592  (50.6%)   Financial aid information and problem solving
514  (43.9%)   Housing information and resources
529  (45.2%)   Academic credit for completion of the program
789  (67.4%)   Exposure to campus resources and services
97  (8.3%)   Other, please specify: [Open-ended text field]

11. Which factors might prevent you from participating in such a summer program?

763  (65.2%)   Work
131  (11.2%)   Caring for immediate family members (children, spouse, partners, etc.)
90  (7.7%)   Caring for extended family members (parents, grandparents, etc.)
277  (23.7%)   Transportation to and from the program (if living in the local area)
779  (66.5%)   Cost of the program
507  (43.3%)   Other costs associated with summer attendance
114  (9.7%)   Other, please specify: [Open-ended text field]

12. As previously explained, we are developing plans for the program and are very interested in your opinion as far as the "need" for a program specifically for new transfer students, as well as concerns you might have about attending if you were just starting at Cal. Please feel free to comment below if you have anything more to add.

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