An academic teaching unit, a part of the University, the standard of admission to which is not less than the equivalent of two year's work in college and which offers instruction of not less than two year's duration leading to a technical or professional degree.2

At Berkeley, most of the schools offer professional degrees at the masters and/or doctoral levels. Of those offering bachelor's degrees, most are Bachelor of Science degrees. Most schools offer curricula leading to graduate academic degrees in addition to the professional degrees; again, with only a few exceptions, those offered at the master's level are Master of Science.

By tradition, although not by academic definition, a school normally includes only a single department of instruction, while the faculty of a school may be drawn from several departments of instruction, as designated by the By-Laws of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (see Part III, Title II for a list of the membership of the faculties of Berkeley's schools and colleges).

See a summary of the types of degrees offered by UC Berkeley's schools and colleges.