Part 3: Items of Special Interest to UC Berkeley [20% of respondents]

Finally, we are asking you to spend a few minutes describing the occasion in which you received either the best or the worst advice about your undergraduate education at Cal and about your experience with advising in general. Your responses may be shared anonymously with faculty, staff, and other current and future students as part of an effort to improve the undergraduate experience at Cal.

1. First, choose to tell us about either the best or the worst advice.

1624  (76.2%)   BEST advice since starting at Cal
508  (23.8%)   WORST advice since starting at Cal

What was the advice and how did it affect your undergraduate education?

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2. Who offered this advice?

838  (39.8%)   Another Cal undergraduate
200  (9.5%)   Your parent or guardian
85  (4.0%)   A friend not enrolled at Cal
70  (3.3%)   Another relative of yours
244  (11.6%)   A Cal faculty member
88  (4.2%)   A Cal graduate student
283  (13.5%)   A Cal staff advisor
31  (1.5%)   A website or publication
44  (2.1%)   Other Cal staff member
220  (10.5%)    Other, please specify: [Open-ended text field]

3. Based on your experience, if YOU were to give one piece of helpful advice to an incoming freshman or transfer student about to start at Cal, what would you say?

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4. Have you ever received advice from two different offices or staff members at Cal that was contradictory or in conflict?

366  (16.6%)   Yes
1845  (83.4%)   No

Please explain what happened and how you decided which advice to follow:

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5. Finally, consider for a moment the advising, counseling and mentoring resources that have been available to you. Regardless of whether you have used them, to what extent have they met your needs as a Cal undergraduate?

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