Fall 2000 UCUES: Results and Summary

A random sample of 3000 Berkeley undergraduates received the survey on November 17, 2000. Four subsequent emails were made to survey non-respondents. In addition, many non-respondents received a telephone call follow-up urging participation in the survey. 1517 persons replied to the survey producing a response rate of 50.6%.


  • Q1. Managing time, finances, physical health, stress; maintaining a high enough gpa by class level
  • Q2. Development in writing, computer skills, research, oral presentations, appreciation of art, understanding social sciences, knowledge of science, interpersonal skills, personal values, and sense of civic responsibility by class level
  • Q3. Accessibility of faculty, required courses, advising, internships, employment, informal socialization, and off-campus housing by class level
  • Q4. Satisfaction with instruction, advising, current housing situation, getting a major, overall academic experience, overall quality of student life on campus, UC Berkeley overall by class level
  • Q5: Intentionally left blank
  • Q6. Paid employment related to academic interests by class level
  • Q7. Pay by class level
  • Q8. Housing by class level
  • Q9. Current monthly rent including utilities by class level
  • Q10. Number of emergency loans by class level
  • Q11. Extent of student loan debt by class level
  • Q12. Credit card debt by class level
  • Q13. Educational choices influenced by financial considerations by class level
  • Q14. Relationship of cost to overall undergraduate experience by class level
  • Q15. Relationship of need to work to overall undergraduate experience by class level
  • Q16. Plans for summer 2001 by class level