Fall 1999 and Spring 2000 UCUES: Results and Summary

These two surveys are combined because although two separate survey processes were performed, the questionnaires used were the same and the same overall sample of undergraduates was used. In Fall 1999 a paper version of the questionnaire was distributed. During the winter break, a web based survey methodology was developed and implemented at the Office of Student Research. In the spring of 2000 the same questionnaire was distributed as a web based survey to persons who had not responded in the fall.

The response rate for the fall 1999 survey was 31%. Of the 1951 questionnaires mailed out, 597 were returned. For the spring survey 1173 persons who did not respond to the fall survey were emailed an invitation to participate in a web based survey. Of that number, 168 or 14% completed the survey. Therefore, of the initial 1951 fall sample, 765 had responded by spring 2000 producing an overall response rate of 39%.

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