An "Option 1" certificate program is a structured set of courses and requirements in a defined area at the graduate level (there are currently no Option 1 undergraduate certificates) and is generally less demanding than a degree program because of fewer formal requirements such as a thesis or a comprehensive exam. Examples of Option 1 certificate programs offered by Berkeley include:

Certificate In Russian and East European Studies
The Certificate in Russian and East European Studies has been developed to serve graduate students in the humanities and social sciences who wish to broaden their knowledge of the Russian and East European area.
Certificate of Completion of Residency Program in Optometry
The School of Optometry offers an Optometric Residency Program leading to the Certificate of Completion. This is a 12-month program of graduate professional training in an optometric specialty area selected by the residents, and is designed to expand and refine their professional and specialty skills.
Certificate of Completion in Education
The School of Education is authorized to issue Certificates of Completion for service in the public schools of the State of California to those who have fulfilled the requirements of the various credential curricula.  Additionally, a Certificate of Completion of Graduate Curriculum may be issued to a student by the Graduate Division provided that certain requirements are met [see Academic Senate Regulation 735] and that the student's studies are not covered by a diploma or other certificate.