2020 Results and Summary

The 2020 Survey of New Students was administered to the entering Fall cohort of UC Berkeley freshmen and transfer students. Of the 2,475 transfer students invited, 1,858 (75%) responded to at least one of the first block of survey questions and 1,772 (72% of those invited) made it through to the end of the survey and submitted it. Each student was randomly assigned to one of three topical modules (Academic Experience; Personal Development; Items of Special Interest to the Campus) in addition to the core Survey of New Students items.

This year's survey has three parts:

Part 1: Early Berkeley experiences, academic and personal development, campus climate, your Berkeley plans and future aspirations, and evaluation of past educational experiences.

Part 2: Remote learning experiences, affordability, and background information

Part 3: A randomly assigned module emphasizing academic experience, personal development, or items of special interest to the campus