2010 SONS Transfers: Results and Summary

The 2010 Survey of New Students was administered to the entering fall cohort of UC Berkeley transfer students. Of the 2,287 students invited, 1183 (52%) responded to at least one of the first block of survey questions and 1058 (46% of those invited) made it through to the end of the survey and submitted it. Each student was randomly assigned to one of three topical modules (Academic Experience; Civic Engagement; Student Development) in addition to the core Survey of New Students items.

This year's survey has four parts:

Part 1:  Time use, academic and personal development, academic engagement, campus climate, satisfaction, and evaluation of the educational experience

Part 2:  Background information

Part 3:  A randomly assigned module emphasizing academic experience, civic engagement, personal development, or items of special interest to the campus

Part 4:  Affordability