2005 SONS Transfers: Results and Summary

Number of cases: 1171

As transfer students, you make a very integral and unique contribution to this campus. Your life experiences before coming here may be different from those of new freshmen. For this reason we would like to learn more about you as a transfer student new to Berkeley. This is a confidential survey, meaning that individual responses are not identified with you personally. Your perspective is very important, so please answer all the questions to the best of your ability. When you submit your completed survey you will be automatically entered in a drawing for cash prizes up to $500.

Part 1:  Your Matriculation to Berkeley

Part 2:  Summer Program for New Transfers

Part 3:  Undergraduate Life at Berkeley

Part 4:  Housing

Part 5:  Demographic Information

Note: Counts are in bold, and precede items they are counting. Missing values are not included in the counts.