Career Destination Survey


Data for a given year include survey responses from students who graduated the summer and fall of the previous calendar year and the spring of the current calendar year. For example, 2014 data includes graduates from Summer 2013, Fall 2013, and Spring 2014.

Survey Overview

Every year the Career Center conducts a survey of the initial postgraduate activities of Bachelor's degree students, including plans for employment and graduate school attendance. In addition, survey results are published that illustrate what students do when they graduate in specific academic programs.

Campuswide Overview

2014 Career Destination of the Class of 2014
2013 Career Destination of the Class of 2013
2012 Career Destination of the Class of 2012

"What Can I Do with a Major in…?" Reports

2014 Class of 2014 Major Program Summary
2013 Class of 2013 Major Program Summary
2012 Class of 2012 Major Program Summary