Cal Profiles/Profiles Plus Archived Data

On April 1, 2014, the Cal Profiles website was shut down after 15 years of operation, due to ongoing issues with support, cost, and security. Most data elements that used to appear in Cal Profiles are now available through newer systems that have considerably more advanced functionality.

We have archived all of the remaining Cal Profiles data to a set of spreadsheets available only to campus users. The links to the spreadsheets are provided in the table below. You can use these spreadsheets to access data elements or to view historical values.

Archived Data Old Cal Profiles/Profiles Plus Report Section
Actual Faculty & Staff FTE (Calculated from Payroll) 225
Budgeted Faculty & Staff Summary (Academic Breakdown) 300
Expenditures and Current Fund Reappropriations 100 and 160
Sponsored Projects Summary 400, 420, 440, and 2350
Student Credit Hours & Actual Faculty FTE Ratios by Instructor Pay Unit 1500 and 2400
Undergraduate Enrolled Time to Degree 2100
Student Credit Hours by Instructor Pay Unit by Term Cal Profiles Plus SCH by Instructor Pay Unit