2007 UCUES: Results and Summary


UCUES 2007 was administered to the population of all 23,278 UC Berkeley undergraduate students enrolled in spring semester 2007, of which 11,957 (51%) responded. Limited enrollment/2nd degree students and students under 18 years of age were excluded from the population. Students were randomly assigned to complete one of five modules in addition to the core UCUES items.

In addition to item nonresponse caused by students declining to answer individual items, in 2007 programming errors in the survey system also contributed to missing data, so the total number of valid responses varies from item to item. This source of missing data is not known to be correlated with any individual-level characteristics, only with the date on which the survey was completed (early April 2007 and mid-June 2007). Preliminary analysis of past UCUES administrations has not found any systematic effect of completion date on the distribution of survey responses.

Note: The 2007 UCUES core has slightly different items for upper division students (designated by [UD] and lower division students (designated by [LD]. The definition of upper division for this survey is undergraduates who

  1. had officially declared a major, and
  2. are either first-time freshmen with 60 or more semester units (exclusive of AP credit) or transfer students with any number of units.

The 2007 survey has 3 parts:

Part 1: Time, Student Development, Academic Engagement, Satisfaction, and Evaluation of the Educational Experience

Part 2: Background Information

Part 3: A randomly assigned module emphasizing academic experience, civic engagement, personal development, evaluation of services, or diversity.

View a PDF version of the 2007 survey results.