2002 UCUES: Results and Summary

This survey was designed with two objectives in mind. The first was to obtain general information about the undergraduate experience. The second was to obtain information helpful to the California Alumni Association. The survey consisted of 54 questions but because several questions had multiple parts, the total number of replies possible was 262. The survey was given to 13,711 undergraduates from April 17 through June 5, 2002.

Number of cases: 4,679

Response rate: 34%


This survey was conducted over the Internet. Students were emailed an invitation to participate in the survey which included a url pointing to the survey. In addition, the web site was listed on the Undergraduate Affairs web page. Students had to enter their student identification number (SID) in order to access the survey. Students could begin the survey one day and complete it at another time.

Several measures were taken to increase the response rate. A first prize consisting of two United Airlines tickets to anywhere in the U.S. where United flies was awarded as well as ten $100 additional prizes. In addition to the invitation to participate in the survey, emailed April 17th, two reminder notices were also emailed, one on April 30 and a second one on May 8th. Because this survey was being conducted at the same time as the Systemwide UCUES survey, it is possible some of the measures used to increase the response rate of that survey may have helped increase the response rate of this survey. A full-page advertisement in the student newspaper The Daily Californian was run. One-page fliers were posted around campus and in the residence halls encouraging students to respond to the survey.

The UCUES Complementary was intended to "complement" the UCUES Systemwide survey in terms of the population of students surveyed. The population surveyed for the UCUES Systemwide consisted of the spring 2002 registered undergraduates who met any of the following criteria:

  • new freshmen in Fall 2001
  • new transfers in Fall 2001
  • new freshmen in Fall 1999
  • new transfers in Fall 2000

The intention behind the UCUES Systemwide survey was to assemble beginning cohorts in order to follow students through their academic careers. The survey population for the UCUES Complementary consisted of the registered undergraduates in spring 2002 who were not sent a UCUES Systemwide survey.

The 2002 survey has 2 parts:

Part 1: Basic results

Part 2: Complementary results